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Hollywood, California
My story of how I became passionate about music casts back to twenty years ago. There was a tiny girl, having nothing special at all, who was just seven years old, who was the youngest of an ordinary family. When adults ask, “What would you want to be in future?” to their children, the girl used to reply, “I want to be a person who makes music for others.” But at that time, I thought only a person who was wealthy born and has innate ability could be a musician, as most people commonly believe.
Out of the blue, I just couldn’t resist a strong desire for being a great composer. I ran to my class teacher who knew me very well to ask for her advice. She said, “Now is never late. You are certainly capable of becoming a great composer.” Since that day, I began to practice music to enter into a university that specialized in music. One friend of mine who was one of the most promising students in school was also aiming for the same goal. She seemed to have everything to chase the dream. She did not only get good grades in school, but also had a full financial support from her parents. Well, for me, the story went differently, but the circumstances did not matter to me at all.
After all, I was accepted to university slowly. Every time I felt like I wanted to give up, the music stood beside me to encourage and comfort me. Even now, I still believe that music can move people’s mind, make them hopeful and encourage listeners when they feel frustrated and face a problem.
With this in mind, I proceeded to practice and study music harder. One day, I had a chance to take a six-months-journey to study abroad. Without any slightest hesitation, I chose to stay in Los Angeles to experience larger stages away from my homeland.
Life in Los Angeles seemed very attractive to me, as it was full of diversity. I thought I could express my adventures in Los Angeles through my own music. Although there was a language barrier, and I had never been so long in overseas all by myself, the time I had spent there was extremely precious to me. At last, I could see clearly what I wanted and what I needed to make my dream come true. My heart started thumping with excitement. I really want to be film composer. I thought that I would be back to Los Angeles to achieve my dream. When I came back to Korea, I finally got a bachelor of music, composition. And then, I made money to go back to Hollywood. I would like to tell those that feel that they are nothing but ordinary, to not to lose hope. This is because I will be in Hollywood as soon. And, I’m sure that MI can let my dream come true.